Wednesday Edition, Sept. 10, 2014

Downes Award Presentation

Quest Means Business

Tuesday’s General Session featured Richard Quest, CNN international business correspondent and host of Quest Means Business, who issued every North American airport a challenge: “Give me an airport experience I will enjoy and of which you will be proud.”  As a frequent traveler through airports around the world, Quest’s dynamic and vibrant personality has transformed the way the television media reports on the modern aviation system.  Through his detailed coverage, he shows the clear connection between commerce and aviation, especially in the context of flight’s ability to drive the global economy.

Arnold “Arnie” Thompson Awarded 2014 Downes Award

The second general session concluded with the presentation of the 2014 William E. Downes Memorial Award to Arnold Thompson.

Known as “Arnie” to his countless friends and colleagues across the industry, Thompson’s vision and expertise has left an indelible mark on the modern airport.  Beginning his career at American Airlines in the 1950s, Thompson went on to found Arnold Thompson Associates in 1964 and Airport Facility Consultants in 1973.  Some of Thompson’s most notable clients include Salt Lake City International Airport, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, and Oslo Airport.

“ACI-NA is proud to honor Arnold Thompson during our Annual Conference and Exhibition as the recipient of the 2014 William E. Downes Jr. Award,” Kevin M. Burke, ACI-NA President and CEO, said. “His reputation as an effective  broker for both airport and airline interests set the standard for innovative, forward-thinking terminal planning at many of the nation’s most successful airports.  He helped create the foundation of the airport industry as we know it today, and he has proved an indispensable mentor and inspiration to many airport planners, engineers, and architects throughout a monumental career.”

Click here to learn more about Thompson’s achievements and ACI-NA highest honor, the Downes Award.  (Caroline O’Reilly –

Edge4Vets Takes Off

This past spring, the Edge4Vets program landed at airports, with an event hosted at JFKIAT in New York.  Designed to translate the skills of military veterans returning to the workplace, Edge4Vets has prepared participants in the New York City area for careers in industries including finance, pharmaceuticals, and tourism.  Edge4Vets’ new airport-focused initiative harnesses the valuable aviation expertise of returning veterans and seeks to build partnerships with airports to create pathways to employment.

To learn more about the Edge4Vets program, check out our post from ACI-NA President and CEO Kevin M. Burke published earlier this year on the ACI-NA Centerlines blog.  (Caroline O’Reilly –

Safety and Security Close Out 2014 Conference Educational Sessions

North American airports continue to work side-by-side with our key government agency partners in collaborative ways to maintain the highest safety and security standards.  On Tuesday afternoon, attendees at the ACI-NA Annual conference were able to hear directly from senior executives with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transport Canada, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) in two informative sessions.

Eddie Angeles, Associate Administrator for Airports at the FAA, and Aaron McCrorie, Director of Standards for Transport Canada, provided valuable updates on ways these two regulatory agencies are planning for the airport of the future, including the status of safety management system development, Transport Canada’s runway end safety area requirements, FAA reauthorization, airport financing, and capital improvement priorities.

Victoria Newhouse, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of Security Policy & Industry Engagement (OSPIE) for TSA, and Martin Corrigan, Director of Screening Technologies for CATSA, discussed the important role of risk-based security policies and technology in ensuring a safe, secure, and efficient air travel.

Air Cargo Committee Discusses State of Future Business Development

The air cargo committee met earlier in the week and addressed many issues currently existing in the air cargo industry. The committee discussed the kind of data airports could acquire from e-Freight, airports’ future model in big data utilization, as well as rules and regulations on the ground that affect air cargo’s management.

The committee also proposed air cargo’s future development in North America by raising the possibility of building alternative airports for air cargo, creating regional incentives, and reviewing potentials for open skies for all foreign air cargo carriers. To better assist members, the committee heard updates on three ACRP air cargo projects during the meeting and provided respective comments and feedback. In looking ahead to promote more collaborations, the committee planned to raise the level of engagement in airport members and create more cargo-related projects.  (Joy Wu –

Touchdown Celebration for #Airports14

ACI-NA may be headquartered in Washington, D.C. (a town where people are more likely to think that the SEC stands for the Security and Exchange Commission, the PAC-12 is a Political Action Committee for something totaling the number 12, and the ACC being our friends at the Airports Consultants Council), but with Atlanta being home for the past week during #Airports14, there was only one place for our Closing Night Event: the brand-new College Football Hall of Fame.

Tuesday night was a lively scene of friendly rivalries, team-colors camaraderie, and a spectacular send-off from our fabulous hosts, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  The event also was the debut of our 2015 hosts, Long Beach Airport, who kicked off the festivities with a taste of Southern California.  (Caroline O’Reilly –